Fluffy- Robyn

I got a really bad migraine this morning and I wasn’t productive at all. I took some medicine and went back to sleep. I had a dream of my dog Fluffy. He is a really cute bulldog that is a very playful dog and doesn’t bite even if you were to threaten him. Then I woke up, still having the migraine and when I got out of my bed, I saw the slime dripped through my shirt. Bu It was actually Fluffy’s saliva. EWW. But for some reason my headache was gone. Who knew that dogs could have healing powers!


Mission Impossible- Kristen

Kim was a teen spy. Her assignment was to retrieve the slime that was going to kill people. Kim easily snuck into the warehouse and into the room where the slime was. She started to grab the slime when someone grabbed her.  When she woke up, was in the attic. There was no way out. Good thing she brought her stotstol. Kim blasted the wall and snuck down to the room. She grabbed the silme when the guards came. Then, Kim dropped the slime can. The slime leaked through and the bad guys died. Kim had saved the day again!

Mr. Evil Gummy Bear – Maira

One stormy night in Oahu there was a legend when lightning strikes in one of the spookiest forest in Oahu it will awake a gigantic unfriendly gummy bear they say he may be tiny but he can destroy the world. So everyone was currently scared that it was a possibility lighting may strike then all of a sudden boom lightning has struck and everyone saw that gummy bear walking and start putting out fire with his little guns everyone was so frantic so everyone was hiding in there room so now I was safely in my room hoping the gummy bear would not find me but unfortunately as the slime slipped through out of my roof I knew I was not safe the gummy was practically on top of me I immediately started running for my life this gummy issue lasted the whole entire night but as the sun started to come up the gummy started to turn into slime.


Jack The Hero- Kayla S.

There was a small town called Old Jackson Town, there was a boy named Jack. He loves protecting his town – in fact, the town was named after him. He spends his days protecting his town in every way possible. One day, there was a celebration in the town. All of a sudden, there was a rustling noise in the woods. Jack could not hear over the noise of the celebration. Then, the monster approached the city. It was a slime monster! The slime dripped through the walls of the people’s houses and the monster destroyed everything and where was Jack?!


Slime – Jenna

As I’m walking towards my desk, I spot my friend holding a multiple containers of.. Something?? “Hey, what is that?” I ask in utter confusion. My friend then gives me a look of hatred and disgust. “You don’t know what this is?”. “No..” “Boi??!?!!” she practically screeches at me. “BOI??!” I screech even louder back. “But no really, what is this?”. She latches onto my arm and leans close to my ear. “It’s slime”. She picks it up and the slime dripped through her hands. I am taken aback by her simple statement. “Well, okay. That’s cool.” “BOI I’M YEET!!!!!!!!!!”