Fluffy- Robyn

I got a really bad migraine this morning and I wasn’t productive at all. I took some medicine and went back to sleep. I had a dream of my dog Fluffy. He is a really cute bulldog that is a very playful dog and doesn’t bite even if you were to threaten him. Then I woke up, still having the migraine and when I got out of my bed, I saw the slime dripped through my shirt. Bu It was actually Fluffy’s saliva. EWW. But for some reason my headache was gone. Who knew that dogs could have healing powers!


One thought on “Fluffy- Robyn”

  1. We really like your creative idea of making the dog’s saliva have healing powers. Sentence punctuation is accurate.
    To improve we think you need to use more exciting punctuation such as a semicolon or brackets.

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