Who are you going to call? – Chase

I was walking through a forest called Moccasin Breath. Then suddenly, there was a ghost that appeared out of nowhere. My instincts told me to hide behind of a tree. So as soon as the ghost turned away, I ran to my car and drove back to home. As soon as I closed my door, I heard a  thump from my attic. I realized it was the ghost.  Suddenly, the slime dripped through my ceiling, then that is when I realized it’s time. I picked up the phone and called the ghostbusters. Took quite a while but they picked up.

The Bad Slime Day- Leisha


so there is this popular trend going on that is just taking over the world! I think that there is this thing is like what they call slime. This is like when there is a chemical reaction with the glue and the “activator”,and that time  Sally and Becky love to make slime! Then they side   that you can make all kind of different slime. So then I gave it a try but then sally said DON’T DO IT, because they were a huge mess that the slime drip through the ceiling roof. Then the slime got all over the house.

“The Green Wave” – Koby

The Slime dripped through the door the slime “it” went up to the ceiling and swallowed pieces of furniture, it looked something like out of the “Goosebumps” books written by R.L Stine, the slime moving ever so closer, then all of a sudden there was a texture of goo inside of my shoes then up into my pants, then my shirt, I wailed and screamed and kicked  as it came over my face and everything seemed to be frozen in goo, it engulfed me in this sickening substance, I was frozen in this goo, unable to move, unable to escape.


One day, we were walking, and crash!!, Bang!!!! D-d-dd-d-oooosh!!!, I hollered to my friends to go to the underground shelter that we built last summer. We heard some talking however while we were running and that creeped us out. We sprinted over to out hideaway shelter in the place with the circle of trees. We hid inside, and we were panting like crazy. It is a half mile from where we were to the shelter. When we been there for 5 minutes, we thought it was safe. Then we saw some green, smelly slime dripped through our shelter, and we ran.

A slimey may day – Elliot burgess

May day was the day that all the elementary schools do a dance.But there was only one child that had the most weird power of all he could turn unto slime when he wanted to.But one day when the kids were about to perform today the weirdest thing happened no one knew what it was until a student said it’s slime.Then it was time for the dance so they went to the field and sat down in their section in their seats.When it was there turn the slime dripped thru a student’s hand then he turned  into a slime monster.