DA carrots-Solar

Extendo carrots  made of steel just sitting there, and by the way i’m trapped under a obese man with mauve  colored hair. I reached and got one I poked him and it made him tearful , wait no he didn’t feel it he was just watching a sad movie, I used the extended carrots to lyft him up and yes I called a lyft driver to pick him up. Me and the extendo carrots were left, when boom mr uber came, and yes his face looks like the uber logo that we all know. He let me drive in his car. His car brand was uber a car thingy . So I drove and drove when  boom we crashed but  it was all a dream besides the fact that uber was a person.

The Ball – Sabrina

Once, my sister got an invitation to a Mardi Gras ball. We lived in New Orleans, and the Mardi Gras festivities were always beautiful. My sister, Bella, was the prettiest girl in our village, and she dressed for this night in a long, ruffled mauve ball gown. The ball took place under the Smith’s old mansion. The masks were elegant, she told me, some happy, some surprised or scared, and some were even tearful. Bella told me that the food was great too, and that she especially liked the carrots. This was perfect, for Bella’s steel mask depicted a rabbit.

Beach Day- Rachel

The sun was out. A cool breeze brushed past me. I was ready to head to the beach. At the beach I was feeling great, but all of a sudden these dark clouds formed together and headed toward the beach. As the weather changed, they started grabbing their belongings and leaving the beach, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I stayed right there not minding that a huge dark cloud  was headed my way. I just rolled with it. Suddenly I felt droplets hit my body. In a flash it started pouring, signaling the end of my wonderful beach day.